15 Days of personal and business transformation and Growth

Embrace the Magic of Neuro Linguistic Programming!

“Liberate yourself from nonconstructive beliefs forced upon you by others that you chose to accept. Allow into this space the belief that there is no such thing as reality, only our own perception of it.” 
 - Elizabeth Anne Walker 2019 

Recap and Revise NLP Course Content

  • An attitude, a methodology and a trail of techniques 
  • Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • ​Meta Model 3

Quantum Linguistics/Conversational Change

  • Learn how to deconstruct limiting beliefs using only language.
  • Learn 16 ways to quash any type of objection. (Sleight of mouth)
  • ​Learn how to create conversation that scrambles the problem and increases choice
  • Discover that which is held deeply in your unconscious mind that holds you back and remove it!
  • ​Learn Quantum Thinking to deliver rapid results in both you and your clients lives! 

Personal Values... One of your greatest sources of happiness and the biggest driver of your behaviours

  • Developmental Periods and their impact
  • ​Sources of Values
  • Evolution of Values
  • Values Elicitation and Alignment
  • ​Values Conflicts and Resolutions 
  • Values Levels and the thinking that accompanies them
  • ​Basic and Complex Meta Programs
  • Corporate Values Alignment
  • ​High Level Parts Integration

Training Design, Submodalities, Spiritual Expansion

  • Training Design including 4-Mat
  • ​Advanced NLP Patterns
  • ​Advanced Modelling
  • Learning Interventions
  • ​Allergy Model
  • Neurological Drivers
  • ​Hakalau
  • ​Expanding Consciousness
  • ​Family Therapy


  • Metaframe
  • Metaphors
  • Hierarchy of Values
  • Chunking advanced

Advanced Strategies and Anchoring

  • Components and Elements of Strategies
  • Eye Patterns and elicitation of strategy
  • TOTE model
  • Designing chains
  • Strategy Elicitation
  • Strategy Notation
  • Mind Body Connections to behaviour
  • Embedded Commands
  • Strategy Installation

Advanced Time Line Therapy

  • Reframes
  • Drop Down Through
  • Forensic Regression
  • TLT Regression
  • Releasing Symptoms
  • Interventions to Stimulate Healing
  • Personal Breakthrough Process
  • Pain Paradigm
  • Metaphysical Health and Wellness

NLP Master Coach

  • An internationally recognised qualification to coach all over the world and coach international clients!
  • Learn the most important models for sustained rapid success for your clients.
  • Learn how to create the best results in both personal and business coaching.
  • Learn the business building skills to create a 6 figure and 7 figure business!

The 4 Certifications Include:

  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner
  • NLP Master Coach Certification
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnosis
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